Oulu for Students, Cyclers and Saunas

Oulu for Cyclers

Oulu is known as a city of bikers, and I'm also an active cyclist. I want to do my part to make our streets worth that reputation. We have an excellent highway for bikes, the "pyöräbaana" and many bike roads - but some times even the basics have problems, like keeping them clear of snow and well lit during the winter.

And lets not talk about our city bike project that was wrecked by political games.

Bicycling is a healthy, cheap and environmentally friendly, so lets make it a contender against private cars and public transport!

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Oulu for Students

I graduated from the University of Oulu, but still possess a student's heart. I'm self-employed and still looking for my career.

Students are a huge strength for Oulu: we bring tons of youthful energy into the city and a high-quality education is the best way to attract new citizens to study, live and work in Oulu.

Still, students need reasons to stay - and our city has a lot to improve on that front.

A student of Oulu has the right to be healthy, live cheaply and gain employment here.

Oulu for Saunas

It has been a delight to see how our sauna culture has developed along the last ten years. We have many private saunas for hire and last summers we've been able to enjoy the experiences provided by Kesän sauna at Tuira beach and Värttö's Floating Sauna. Sauna is the home of living, Finnish culture, where you can wash yourself, sing, perform and discuss life, the universe and everything.

Oulu has a clear need for a public sauna!

I'm the Left Alliance's candidate and I support the party's ideals. You can read more about my values in Finnish on my Values page. If you have questions about my campaign, please don't hesitate to send me an email.

Image by Anne Nygård